Thursday, March 3, 2011

a little cabinet make over

today i'm going to share a little cabinet make over from a few months ago. i got this cabinet from my neighbors, they were getting new furniture so they put several pieces out on the curb w/ a free sign on them. my hubby saw that and came and told me straight away. we grabbed the hand truck and proceeded to take it ALL!!! i still have 3 of the pieces in my home. a couple items like 2 night stands and a dresser went to the kids rooms and didn't make it out alive.:( sad too, cuz they were that french provincial style that we all know and love, but none the less flimsy. anyway, i digress- the piece i am sharing today is one that resides in my dining "room" to hold all of the kids craft/school supplies and our phone books. it is a great storage piece. when i got it about 6-7 years ago it was a dark wood tone w/ a weird eagle design in gold. i wish i had pics, but that was waaay b4 blogging entered my life! so i painted it a peachy color and hand painted vines and flowers on it. i left it that way until just recently in dec. i was changing my house to incorporate some blues. at that point i decided to make it over w/ some paint i got at the ReStore. then i glazed her w/ R.L. tea stained tinted glaze. i've kept the original handles all this time. i like to use original hardware whenever i can. a) it saves $$$, b) it usually goes with the piece because it was what was on it when built so it goes w/ the style and lines of the piece. that is not to say i don't ever change hardware, sometimes the hardware is too ugly to keep and sometimes i just want to give the piece a new look entirely and that can be achieved easily with hardware. i really like how it turned out, definitely a simpler version for me. what do think??? (linking to these fine parties: A Crafty Soireegiveaways
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  1. I totally "dumpster dive" my neighborhood for furniture as well. One of my neighbors just tossed a perfectly good easel that retails for $400!

    These people just need blogs to learn that there's no such thing as garbage...

    Great piece. So glad you shared this at Creative Juice Thursday.

  2. Nice makeover! Gotta love what a little paint can do! Thanks for linking up! :0


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