Tuesday, June 22, 2010

spoons and a bird bath...no really it's a BIRD BATH!!!!

hi all! i've been blog obsessed lately. i can't get enough, i stay up 'til the wee hours just hopping from decorating blog to decorating blog. it's a sickness. i need help, but i don't want any! i just love looking at all the blogs by all the talented women! they are decor inspiration for me. so inspired was i by manuela's cute garden spoons, that i just had to copy! after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! i first saw these kind of garden markers at manuela's blog, then i saw them on the anthro website. they were $28 smackers for 3!!! way out of my price range! so i went to harbor freight and bought the same kit($4.99) manuela got online and made my own, using some cute little old fruit spoons i bought on ebay for .99 plus about $7 in shipping and a random spoon i had layin' around. so i made 7 spoons for $13!these spoons could've been headed for the trash, but now they're a treasure! quite a deal i'd say.these spoons have new life as garden markers and it doesn't take any time at all! you can get this blackening liquid to make the impression darker but i didn't want to search for it or buy it(sometimes i'm cheap, i mean thrifty like that!)so i just used some black paint and smeared it on w/ a rag and then wiped it off. so easy! they are so cute and i've already given one to a friend as a little thank-you gift.

soooo, while i was at harbor freight with cold-hard-birthday-cash burning a hole in my pocket, i spotted the cutest little bird bath, and i just had to have it! i have had this idea in my head about putting a bird bath in my yard for years. so after the metal stamping, i did this...

my son offered (yes, my 11 yr. old boy OFFERED!) to help me take out the grass- such a sweetie! then i centered the bird bath in the circle and planted stella de oro day lillies and blue salvia and some vinca for annual color.

my sweet little 7 yr. old daughter (who declined to be photographed), dug the rocks out of another area of the yard (they were remnants from the former tenants)and made a border- all by herself! i said it would be nice to have rock border and while i was busy planting, she quietly went off to dig up some rocks. i know- cute, huh??? so i let her place them and she is so proud! i must not forget to include my 9 yr. old daughter, who was in the pool cheering us on! :)encouragement is always nice!

i'm not really a gardener, but i do want my yard to reflect the same cosy, come-on-in attitude my home does, so i do my best. right now it's been in the mid-90's in my area, so it's nice to go outside and work on things and take a quik dip in the pool if i need to and get back to work...creating. please leave a comment when you stop by, my door and garden are always open!

p.s. i will be linking to these lovely blog parties;
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please check it out if you get a chance!!! thanks!


  1. soooo cute! I'm going to look for spoons...:)

  2. you can get one! it was only $33! cast aluminum.

  3. You markers turned out cute! Can you believe those Anthro prices - so crazy. You'll be able to use those stamps for other projects so they were a good investment.


  4. thank m, i can't wait to do more w/ the stamps!

  5. k, if you find spooons - get me some more! plz!!!

  6. Love these spoons! I'm featuring your project this week! Go ahead and grab my button.

  7. LOVE the spoons...I'm inspired & will probably spend my Saturday copying you!! JenT

  8. Hi--I am new to your blog...My name is Cindy and I have a new blog...If you'd like to come on over, I'd love to have you visit and I've got some drawings going on right now too to win some free stuff...
    I'm at http://cindyadkinswhimsicalmusings.blogspot.com

    I don't know which site is the anthro site, but I'm trying to find a way to stamp something...your spoons are FABULOUS!!!

  9. Great spoons, I've been wanting to make some myself what is the kit that you bought called?? I ordered these metal stamps off ebay thinking they would work and no luck. Ugh! Come visit my blog and share if you can! Thanks, Kansas Amy

  10. Oh and love your new birdbath. -Your newest follower.

  11. Love that birdbath! Great find. And thanks for sharing.



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