Monday, September 13, 2010

i painted my bathroom ceiling...again!

hi all! hope you had a great weekend! i sure did! the store i have a booth in had their 4th anniversary/ grand re-opening sale/open house. it was so much fun hanging out w/ all the girls from the store and visiting w/ friends and family that came in to support my new venture. thank-you friends! and i even sold a chair and ottoman that i had just put in there on friday!!! yippee! God is already blessing this endeavor- i am encouraged that this was the right decision for me! now on to the bathroom ceiling- yes, i painted it again! i decided that the sky w/ clouds was too juvenile for me. i'm sure a better painter could've made a more subtle, sophisticated sky w/ clouds, but alas, i could not. (or else i just didn't have the patience to do so!) anyway, it is now silver! and i love it! i was thinking about painting it silver for a long time and putting this little candlier (not electric, just candles), from the patio in there. until...the owner of the store i'm in bought this candelier! i was love at first sight for me- i don't know how the candelier felt ;)! so i asked her how much she was going to sell it for and she said she'd let me know. so after a couple days, i brought some new stuff into the store- one of them being this chair i had just painted. i was asking angie, the owner, her opinion on what i should price the chair and she said, "i don't know, it might have to go home w/ me!" so i said "i'll trade you the chair for that chandelier!" and she said, okay! plus she gave me $20 for the difference in price! i'll say that was a great deal! so here's the chandy and the silver ceiling in all their glory! i'll be linking up w/ some of the parties in my sidebar, so go check them out when you have time! and keep creating!


  1. What a deal! The silver really looks nice on the ceiling. Am I living under a rock 'cause I've never seen this before? The chandy is gorgeous and I can see why you had to have it. Your bathroom is divine!

  2. Love the chandy. I was so busy inspecting it that I forgot about the painted ceiling, so I had to go back and see that!

  3. I love your bathroom, it is gorgeous!I am glad your business is starting out well. I rent space as well and I love it!! It's a wonderful feeling to sell something you have worked on.

  4. That is so pretty in your bathroom! I would love to score a deal like that! Marcia

  5. PS...Just noticed you live in Cali, me too! I live in Turlock, where abouts are you? I would love to visit your booth if you are close enough! Marcia

  6. Just beautiful. Aren't painting projects so fun?? I am your newest follower, I look forward to reading more on your creative projects! I hope you'll stop by and say hi. :)

  7. Too cute for words! I LOVE the ceiling looks so glamourous! :) I don't think I have ever seen a candleier quite like that before..very lovely!
    Thanks for linking up to my Treasures and Trinkets Thursday, so glad you did...your bathroom is so sweet!

  8. I just found your blog through Southern in my Heart and I absolutely luv it! You are definitely a Decorating Diva!

    I am now your newest follower and look forward to visiting often!

    Blessings from Southern California

    BTW Where is your store located?

  9. What a lovely idea ~ I really love the silver! I'm dropping by from Nifty Thrifty Tuesday...

    Hope you're having a lovely week!


  10. I like the color you picked to paint your bathroom ceiling.



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