Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hibiscus pink dresser

so ya know that pantone revealed 2011's hottest color to be what they're calling "honeysuckle" pink, right? so, i love pink anyway, but usually i'm drawn to lighter shades of pink, but when i saw that was the pick of the year i had to jump on board! so i got out my sherwin williams paint deck and found this beauty called "hibiscus" -which i think is close to the "honeysuckle" color. so far, i've painted this dresser a doll high chair and a wooden tray for my coffee table in this color-and all w/ a $6 sample from s.w. this dresser is in the shop now .it only cost me $5 on craigslist plus paint and i already had the knobs, they were free to begin with! sorry about the pics-i still don't have a camera (i returned the one i bought-cuz it was just crappy!) so i'm still using my cell phone for a camera! the pic of the dresser better represents the true color of this paint. my plan is to save up for a really nice camera and not waste my time or $$$ on cheapo's! until then, i hope you will con't to visit regardless of the poor photo quality! i'll be linking up to some great parties-check them out if you get a chance! re-stored it wednesday , Beyond The Picket Fence  vintage thingie thursday

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  1. Super cute display and I love the pink!

  2. Your photos look fine to me. So no worries on that score. I love that color too. I am always glad to see what a fellow decorative painter is up to and working on.

  3. What fun color!I love your pink pieces!

  4. I'm loving that color too. I usually am drawn to softer shades but I'm thinking of maybe adding some pillows in that color for summer. I love your dresser and chair in the color its very striking. I'm a new follower.

  5. Wow! YOu really got alot out of that paint! Looks super pretty!

  6. I LOVE PINK! I wish that my three kids and hubby would enjoy it as much as I do, I would have a hot pink dresser in my family room!!! Thanks for sharing, I followed your link from HoH!

  7. What a cute the shade of pink too. Happy VTT!

  8. stopping by from CREATIVE SHARE!
    Love the post.

    Stop by Itsy Bitsy and say hi:)


  9. I'm lovin' this and the knobs are so great!

  10. wow! that is Puh-ink! It looks really cute on the high chair...Good job, as usual:)

  11. ooh! That is very similar to the color of my desk. It is so dreamy!

    Take care,

  12. Can I tell you how much I love that pink (it's no secret I'm a HUGE pink -I would say fan but it's more lover- I am). Do you hand brush or use a sprayer? Lordy I get claw hand when I try to brush furniture!

    Check Out- Cheap Like A Birdie Blog

  13. Everything in pink always looks good.



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