Friday, February 25, 2011

send me a letter....

this is how the other person hung it, but i chose to hang mine horizontally
{hand painted postmarked stamp}
{i used her maiden name for the street name}
happy friday cottage dwellers! it's a blustery one here in central cal. with rain and wind and cold and maybe even a little snow! which is not the norm for this area! i was watching the news last nite and the weatherman said that it has snowed here about 45 times since 1907. so you can see it's not that often for us, the kids are looking forward to some snow, but i'll believe it when i see it! so on this rainy day, i'm busy creating some art work for my recently redecorated bedroom. i should have some pics to share w/ you next week. unfortunately the cheap camera that i bought is just that-CHEAP! so the pics leave much to be desired! but i hope you'll bear w/ me until i can get a good camera. now to my feature of the day...i saw this great idea a while ago where someone took an envelope that had been sent to them and had it enlarged @ somewhere like kinkos. then they framed it and hung it vertically. it was a really cool idea for art that meant something to them. unfortunately i cannot find the blog!!! i know i saved it, but since i got my comp. fixed not everything is in the same place, so even though i searched and searched for it, i couldn't find it. so if anyone knows what i'm talking about, please let me know so i can give credit where credit is due. i took their idea and of course changed it a little by painting my own envelope addressed to my grandma ( she passed away when i was 12). for the address i used significant numbers to her aka, her birthday, and i used the city where my dad was born, etc. you get the idea. if you paint it yourself you could personalize it in so many different ways! i'll be linking to these fine blog parties; my romantic home show and tell friday,and giveawaysand

and finding fabulous, and 
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