Thursday, March 3, 2011

turquoise-y green dresser

sometimes i paint something a color because it was a $4 oops can of paint. and then sometimes i wonder, "why did i do that???" sometimes i walk by this dresser and i like it and other times i hate it!!!! some paint colors are like that to me. does that ever happen to you? i had to edit the coloring of the pic to represent a truer version of this's not really this bright, but this is as close as i can get it.;( it's definitely more green. it did not come out right on my camera phone. i painted it with this color that i thought was kind of turquoise green. then i glazed it w/ a black glaze to tone it down. i really don't know if i like it at all. at any rate it's going into the store where i consign stuff (not the one i pay rent in, cuz it's FULL!) And we'll see if it sells. if not i can always paint it cream later! cest la vie!


  1. I think its a cute color! Like you said, if it doesnt work out you can always repaint. I hear you about your rented space being full, always a problem for me!Doing things on consignment is a great idea.

  2. I often by oops also, it is such a great deal. I just know someone will buy it, if not do a light coat of another color, maybe even dry brush another color and then sand to bring the old color through. Hopefully you can sell as is so much work to repaint!!! I think it looks great!


  3. Personally the colour appeals to me! I guess you'll know by how quickly it finds its 'forever' home.


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