Sunday, January 9, 2011


ahhh the nest,a place where we are safe and warm, secure and happy, loved and comforted. I guess that's why I love that word so much. I also like to feather my nest so it always has that feeling of comfy cozy. So in honor of all our nests, I painted this sign. I has this small canvas that i primed and painted over some store bought art, that i got at a swap and i painted the word nest and an actual nest on it w/ three little eggs.One for each of my children and i just like things in three's;)!!! It will be going in my booth @ Vintage Charm, but I am going to have a giveaway {for one like it} once we reach 100 followers! and we're sooo close! Thanks for reading/looking! Until next time, keep creating!
~Decorating Diva {and as always, please check out the parties i link up to in my side bar!!}


i love receiving and reading all of your comments! i may not have time to reply to all of them, but please don't let that stop you from leaving them! when i do get the time i will come by and visit you and see what you're up to! i am starting a new business venture so my time will be short for a while, until i get things up and running-thanks for understanding! keep creating!