Saturday, January 22, 2011

painted roses

hi girls! i'm going to share some pics i took last month b4 i actually finished this sign. since my camera is broken, i hafta use some older pics to do a post. i'm so bummed, but i know God will provide another camera for me! He always takes care of me no matter how small the need/want is! anyway, here are some pics of some roses i painted on an old panel out of an old wooden door. since these pics were taken i painted the word "roses" in black at the top of the panel and hung it in my kitchen. but i'll hafta show you pics of that later, when i figure out my camera situation! hope you like it and are inspired to paint on anything you can get your hands on! { i'm linking to my romantic home for show and tell friday and saturday nite special at funky junk and here Photobucket

Love, deanna


  1. Wow ... Are you ever an amazing artist! Your roses are GORGEOUS! When your camera situation is resolved, you need to share more handpainted items! Beautiful!

  2. Love your painted roses, you are so talented. I am a new follower. Cindy


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