Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!! and a little embellishing...

happy new year every lovely! we had a very low key nite last nite. just hung out at home had pizza, ice cream sundaes and played some games w/ the kids. I also did some crafting. I made some smalls for me shoppe;) !!! some jars that i embellished & a few candles i embellished. the jars i had at home, i just used our leftover spaghetti sauce, jam, etc. jars. then i added some lace, ribbons and cutsie stuff. i got most of the ribbon at wal-mart and the dollar tree, as well as the cute little birdie on the big jar. i heart the dollar tree right now! yesterday i went there w/ my girlies and got some stuff, then we got out to the car and i saw that they had some faux roses in PINK!!! i already bought cream and white, but not PINK! so of course i had to go back in! then later i was crafting away and ran out of hot glue sticks! oh -no! so i had to run back over b4 they closed. but i got there and they were out! so i had to run to another one bcuz i was obsessed w/ hot gluing last nite ! that shows what big new year's eve party-ers we are!!! anyway...i'll be putting these in the shoppe on wed. but if anyone wants to purchase one or some b4 that just drop me an email!The jars are great just for decor, but they are also useful to keep toiletries, i.e. cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc. or use them for crafting supplies like glitter,ribbon,etc.:) the lg.jar is 12.99 {the one w/ the birdie on top}, med.jar is 10.99 {the one w/ the roses on top}, and the sm.jar is 8.99 {the one w/ the knob} the CANDLES are 3.99 each- they are very petite and sooo sweet. PLUS SHIPPING- which i can figure out for you b4 you pay for anything. :) thanks for visiting me again! next post i will share a few decorating vignette's i did on my mantel for winter! so be sure to check back soon!

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