Sunday, June 6, 2010

from blank to beautiful

hi everyone,
i hope you all had great weekend! i cleaned on saturday (cinderlly-cinderelly), and sunday went to my mom's and hung out with her and my sister by the pool. nice relaxing day {the kids were at home w/ hubby:)}.

in my last post i showed you some cute little frames w/ my daughters initials in them, so today i thought i'd show you more of their room. this is the sixth time i've changed their room and we've only lived in this house for 8 years (in july)! i think i might need professional help-do they treat for decorating disease??? and it's not because i'm indecisive or anything, it's just that sometimes i just HAVE to create and decorate! it makes me sooo happy! at any rate here's look no. 6!

this is just after i painted the yellow on top- the green was already there. the top was a bubble gum pink b4 this-not so good!

here it is now w/ swirlies and flowers and personality! i was inspired by something i had seen in a magazine- it was one i had kept for YEARS- because it is that good! so one day while the girls were at school, i got to work. since then i have wrapped it all the way around the room. as you can see in the very first pic it was just on the wall w/ the beds. but i don't have any pics because my girls room is never this clean unless i clean it and that just hasn't happened in a while. {never mind the fat,lazy kitty on the bed who wouldn't move for me to take these pics! (i love her dearly!)}

i got those headboards at an antique fair we have every year where i live. i love them! they were already creamy white and chipped and aged naturally! can't ask for anything more! the 4 drawer dresser was given to me by my sis-in-law, then painted by me. and the 3 drawer dresser was a yard sale find for $30! it's pretty old, but simple and i think it's perfect in there!

so there it is my fine friends, from blank yellow walls to beautiful hand painted lover-ly walls!

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until next time,
happy creating-


  1. I love your daughter's room! It is so sweet! The walls you painted are just gorgeous! Great job! thanks so much for visiting, and for your sweet comments!


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