Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Bird Bath"

so it's not actually a bird bath- it's a"bird". :) it all started with the wall color. i painted the walls, cabs,and base boards all the same color. and love the way it looks. the ceiling is a creamy white as well as the crown moulding. the floor is a black and white small tile, that hubby did for me. which i neglected to photograph, cuz i haven't mopped it in a week! but it's beautiful! (when it's clean!) i also put some beadboard on the cab doors. my sis gave it to me after she had some left over from her nursery. as you can see, i still have some knobs to install, you know how goes though- one project drifts into another leaving the first project not quite finished. i got the mirror (glass) at a yard sale for $2 and my hubby built the frame out of some old wood we had saved from our old patio cover. i told him when he tore it down to save the 2x4's and 2x6's and i'd think of something eventually! so that's why the frame has that aged look-cuz it is aged, old paint, sanded off a little and natural wood showing thru. i just love it!
the problem with the bathroom was that i couldn't find anything to go on the wall opposite the mirror. i wanted something birdish. yes birdish. it's a word. my word ;) . i bought a framed print of this pretty bird and fleurs. but it didn't look right there. so it ended up over the commode. then i found this beautiful mirror w/ the birds on it. i forget what that's called, my uncle used to do it. anyway, it didn't look right there either. so that ended up to the right of the sink. finally one day inspiration struck! i was looking at that mirror w/ the birds on it and thought, "if only there was something like that w/o a mirror. so i got out my black craft paint and got to work. and i love the end result! i love having only black, white and light robin's egg blue for the colors in my hall bath. except for the splash of pink in the orchid flower arrangement. i got that on clearance from home goods- $11 i think. so there it is my bird inspired i would like to see your bird inspired things/rooms/etc. leave me a comment or a link to your blog and i'll stop by. have a blessed day!
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  1. You painted that! At first I thought it was one of those wall decals. It looks fabulous! Love the whole "bird" bath!


  2. Cute idea! It looks very nice.
    You asked my source for my vintage tablecloths...well I have had them for several years and I just picked them up here and there when they were a reasonable price. I know I didn't pay a lot for any of them. I might have also purchased some on ebay. Hope this helps and good luck hunting!!

  3. thanks manuela! you're so sweet, love ur blog! and thanks for the tips sandi, i'll keep my eyes open!

  4. Luv your artwork and thanks for coming to my PARTY!


  5. What a lovely lovely bathroom. I really enjoy visiting it ;)

    Did you even LOOK at my bathroom? Humph.

    I love the blue. What color is that? hehehe.

  6. thanks linda! love ur blog! and jo ann- yes, i looked at it, i visited it, i peed(? sp.) in it. in the commode of course. i love the blue and the shower curtain, now let's AccSESSorIZE!!!!!!!!!!!! humph yourself, jo jo. that's the nickname you get for humph;)

  7. I know. I need to accessorize. I want to get funky hardware from anthro, so I'm collecting change.

    Thank you for not peeing anywhere else. After you left, Q peed on the new shower curtain. I should have bought a plastic one..:)

  8. too funny, love you! and ur babies!

  9. Very pretty!!
    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday at Life As Lori.


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