Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ballard inspired medallion plaques-oh my!

greetings crafty, decoratin', artsy gals! i've recently been working on my master bdrm. i painted the walls a very creamy yellow called "french vanilla" from s.w. bought new bedding from marshalls,painted new(used) nite stands and now i've added some custom art. i saw these in ballards catalogue online and fell. in. love. so i set about making my own. my m-i-l/f-i-l gave me a whole buncha oak shelves from their built in bookcases that they were having re-done. they knew i'd find a a use for them! (sidenote: i feel so blessed when people think of me before they throw something in the trash! seriously! i love it!) so i painted them the same color as my nite stands using a $6 sample pot'o paint from s.w. it's called "sleepy blue" and i heart this color! anyway they were already an off white so i didn't need to prime them or anything. then i transferred this damask design onto the front. i would have liked to have used a different design, but alas, my printer is down and i couldn't print off any new designs. and i certainly don't have the patience to do it all free hand! when i free hand(and i often do) i like to do more free form stuff. this just required something more structured. so, first i filled in w/ wicker white acrylic, next i used a lighter brown color, and finally accented it all w/ a dark brown. after that was dry, i glazed the entire piece w/ ralph's "tea-stained" glaze. i stapled some twine to the back from which to hang them and voila! pretty/free art for my master bdrm! and don't worry- i didn't leave the mirror there that's where the new medallion plaque resides. i made one for each side of the bed over the nite stands. also the nite stands have hardware! i'll get some better pics soon-i hope! :) i'll show you them in the bedroom when it's sorta more done- and i have my new camera that i ordered! also, i'll be linking up @ domstically speaking's popp
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  {i'm having trouble w/ my blog...things aren't in the right place all the time and i can no longer drag and drop the photos where i want them- so excuse the mess , while i pray for a miracle! if you can help me, let me know! please! and thank-you!}


  1. AMAZING ... GORGEOUS! I love how your homemade art turned out! Can't wait to see them hung in your bedroom!

  2. Beautiful! Ballards has nothing on you, love it!

  3. Oh my gooooodness! I'm so happy you came to visit so that I could find YOU! What a lovely blog.... And, what a clever little chickie you are... LOVE this idea.. and it's MUCH better than Ballard's. They need YOU.

    Thank you so much for your sweet words on My Story.. I truly and SO blessed... God has been so good to me.......I thank Him every day. We serve a Precious Lord. :-)

    I'll be back to check out more soon... It's way past bedtime and I'm pooped.

    Now, I'm going to go put you on my blog roll....and follow you too!



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