Sunday, July 11, 2010

end table gets new beginning

i wish i had a picture to show you the "delightful" 70's orange and white color scheme on this end table. it started out stained maple and went w/ a set that included a coffee table and another end table. it was my husband's grandparents set. when grandpa passed away in jan. we went to help clean out the house. so i got this piece. the story is that hubby's 2 aunt's got a wild hair one day while mom and dad were gone and painted it 70's style-ooot-ooot!!! they were in trouble!!!! but no one ever repainted it, so now it's mine and you know NOTHING is ever left alone to long before i come after it with a paint brush or can of spray paint! so today i tackled this end table. first painting it my favorite cream, tiramisu. then i painted the drawer sherwin williams "sea salt"- man i love that color! then i thought it needed something on top to tie it together. so i taped off the top and painted it "sea salt" also. then i just couldn't help myself, i painted the inside backing "sea salt" too. and i think it came out pretty cute!so pretty that i don't know whether to keep it or sell it! i was planning on selling it all along, but now...ohh, it's just so cute! it's not like i have room for it tho'! i also painted the handle w/ some spray paint i had. it's krylon's metallic canyon. it's kinda champagne-ish/light copper. so light and pretty w/ the other light colors i chose for this project. AND...bonus this was on my patio, so it qualifies as one of the things on my summer to-do list! yippee- 1 down, 1000 to go~! i am linking up to these lovely blog parties; my romantic home's "show and tell friday"and
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hopefully this week will be better than last week~ we had alot of illness and stuff going on w/ the kids, so i had to be nurse mommy not painter mommy! of course i delight in taking care of my babies, but i'm ready for some creative outlet time! God willing, i'll get alot done this week! catch ya later!


  1. thanks stevie! thanks for becoming a follower too1 you r beautiful! i couldn't find any contact info or your blog, so i hope you get this heartfelt THANK-YOU! AND GOD BLESS!

  2. That is very cute! You did a great job. My MIL just gave me a nightstand that I painted white today. It was very 70's looking but it looks much better now, the only thing I'm struggling over is whether to put the old handles back on or get new ones. They're very bulky but they're so wide I'm not sure where to find ones that'll fit! Maybe I can just slap some paint on them:)

  3. So very lovely. I love it!
    Hoping that your week has been better than last week!

    (btw- thank you for you comment to me regarding my recent loss. I am touched that you took the time to comment. (((Hugs))


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  5. haven't been here in awhile, love it all! i'd love to take a crack at the lamp, would you sell it :)???


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