Sunday, May 30, 2010


i kinda forgot about my blog in the midst of life and doing things until a friend of mine said, "why haven't you posted anything on your blog lately". so i thought i'd give her and my one other follower(thank-you!, so neat to have my first non-related/non "i see you all the time, why do i have to read ur blog person" on here) something to read/see!
So my sister asked me if i could duplicate this really cute sign she saw in idaho on vacay last summer at a cutsie-shmootsie expensive store. and i said, sure. so like almost a year later here it is! da-da-da-dahhh!!! my sis bribed me w/ a jute rug(not that she had to, i would have done it for free, that was just her way of getting me to hurry-up already!) that she was getting rid of, i put it on my back patio. in return i painted her this "botanique" sign and this plaque that she got at a thrift store for $1.50. she had this little poem she liked so i painted it on and added some fleurs. that's frenchie for FLOWERS, like you didn't know that already...;) i just like to call 'em that- not w/ the frenchie accent tho. so it's more like "flerrs" say it w/ me people! okay, i digress- you'll find i do that a lot! i also painted a "botanique" sign for my mommy( yes, i really still and always will call my mom "mommy", even tho i turn 36 next mo.!) for mother's day. now everyone wants one! but i want one too, so i guess i'll get around to painting mine in like a year?????so what do you do for fun? i paint and paint and paint! sometimes people even pay me for it (which is really fun!) but i would do it no matter what, even if i had no one to paint for but me! that's when you know it's your passion, not just a hobby. i'd love to know what your passions are and see pics. thanks for reading!
~decorating diva
p.s. bear w/ me as i am unschooled in the way of bloggy thingy's i can't figure out how to get the photos where i want them to be...i'll figure it out eventually!!!!!!

please go check out her blog and all the amazing blogs that are linked up for "show and tell friday" ~thanks! decorating diva


  1. The signs above are so sweet!
    For fun I love to read and write. A long time ago I painted and I loved it. I got out of the habit and am thinking about starting up again.
    I saw the chalk boards below, your crafty!

  2. alexis, thanks for checking out my blog! i am grateful to have readers! i love to read also, but i don't do it enough ( too busy painting i guess ;0)) you should def. take up painting again if you have the time,it's so therapeutic! thanks again for the comment! God bless:)

  3. Okay so YAY! I'm so glad you're showing off your HUGE TALENTS!
    Your french is amazing, but I'm most impressed by your italian...BOBOLI!
    I always drag my pictures. with the mouse. :)

  4. yes, bob-o-li! lol! thanks for the sweet comments and the helpful hints. although, it just occurred to me, i tried dragging them and they wouldn't cooperate! bad,bad pictures!

  5. d, u r funny! can't wait to have mine painted, guess i need to bring you my piece of door!!

  6. yeah, just bring me a piece of door! hahahahah!

  7. I am your newest follower- lucky #7. I found your site on My Romantic Home:Show and Tell. It is only a matter of time before your numbers swell and you have more followers than you can count!

    I love the sense of nostalgia your pieces evoke- scenes from my childhood, rummaging around in the loft above my grandma's woodshed.

  8. Oh, wow! Your signs are wonderful! I paint, too, but with spray paint (ha, ha!). I wish that I had your talent with a paint brush!

  9. OH MY---uhAMAZING!!! I love your signs, but the 1st is my favorite. How beautiful. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful day!@

  10. thanks jean, donna and vintage remixed! i love reading all the comments from people i don't even know but can relate to thru our blogs! have a blessed day!


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