Thursday, March 4, 2010

first time blogger, long time reader...

okay, not sure if i can really do this blog thing...but i'll give it a whirl! i love reading other people's blogs and getting ideas for decorating my cottagey/romantic/shabby chic home, so why not start my own blog??? well it takes time (i don't have, 3 kids+hubby+3 dogs+2 cats) ,energy (sometimes i do, sometimes i don't!), and some writing ability (???), and an inclination for taking pictures of my decorating projects (wow, am i in trouble!). nevertheless, i am going to try.

my first post is about the importance of letting your children and yourself express your creativity. on the walls, on the doors... okay, i'm talking about chalkboards! paint one in the playroom (if you have one, i don't,but wouldn't that be nice?) in the kitchen, in the kids rooms, wherever it will suit your needs and creativity best.

i painted one on the pocket door in my kitchen that leads into my laundry room. i put a monthly family virtue and verses relating to that virtue (i stole the idea from another blogger, balancing beauty and bedlam) on it. and on the bottom portion i let the kids go to town or write a grocery list or reminders. so, here are some pics of said painted on is my pic, the other one my 7 yr. old daughter took of her chalk creation! hope you're inspired to make your own in your home!

still trying to come up w/ a cute little number to sign off with~ decorating diva


  1. my house really is cuter than the pics show! the pic of the chalkboard w/ the writing on it is from a while ago, before i started this blog officially. and the other my daughter took. :)

  2. I love chalkboards too, love the way yours turned out and what a perfect spot for one!
    Have a fabulous week!

  3. Okay I am super jealous of your door now! The chalkboard paint made such a huge difference! And the best part about it is that it's multi-functional. Great job!

    Jen @ [Frame Fanatic]


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